An immersive experience that merges contemporary performance with the ancient art of storytelling in a place-specific participatory work.

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SPACES is an immersive experience that merges contemporary performance with the ancient art of storytelling. SPACES goes beyond site-specific, it is place-specific: each SPACES piece is built around the site of its performance, but above all, it is created and performed with the local community that gives this place its life and identity.

At the heart of the piece, local residents share intimate real-life stories. By weaving these together with dance, music, and multimedia, SPACES transports audiences to a place where the magical and the quotidian meet. More than a performance, SPACES aims to use storytelling, one of the oldest human traditions, to bring our focus back to our communities, one story at a time.

Gathered into groups of a dozen guests and led by charismatic dancers who double as silent guides, audience members embark on a journey through music, dance, and multimedia imagery. As their exploration takes them deeper into the maze, they encounter storytellers who, through a tale, a poem, or a song, share authentic and intimate moments of their lives. Every turn is a surprise, as guests might come across a new story, a new world of music, projections and dance, or another group of guests, on a journey of their own.

At the climax of the piece, groups meet at the heart of the space to witness storytellers and guides come together to perform a final dance ritual - one of fellowship and togetherness. The SPACES experience toes the line between the intimate and the grandiose, the personal and the communal, the quotidian and the magical. At its heart, it aims to remind us of the depth, diversity, and beauty of our communities.

Bring SPACES to your community! More information here.

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