SPACES: Saint-Denis


An immersive experience that brings to life the blend of cultures that make the city of Saint-Denis in the Métropole of Grand Paris.

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SPACES is an immersive experience that merges contemporary performance with the ancient art of storytelling in a place-specific participatory work. Each SPACES piece is built around the site of its performance, and created and performed with the local community that gives this place its life and identity.

In Saint-Denis, audience members are guided in groups by silent dancers on a musical and dance journey that starts at the Halle du Marché and finishes at the Basilica of Saint-Denis. On the way, they meet local residents who share personal intimate moments of their lives in the city of Saint-Denis, a medieval town and royal necropolis later transformed to become one of the most diverse and vibrant cities of Europe.

SPACES: Saint Denis was developed in the fall of 2021 in parallel with SPACES: Oakland, and involved an intensive creation process that was based on a series of storytelling events. The events, organized in cooperation with the seven district offices of the city of Saint-Denis, invited residents at a dedicated place indoors or in the street, in shared gardens, or during local events, to recount a story that connected them with the city of Saint-Denis.

After a very successful and sold-out run, the Saint-Denis Market and Basilica of Saint-Denis hosted an updated version of SPACES in the summer of 2022 that featured additional storytellers and artists.

Presented at the Saint-Denis Market & Basilica of Saint-Denis on September 30 and October 1, 6, 8 & 9, 2021 as well as on June 25, 29, 30 and July 1, 2, 6, 7 & 9, 2022.

Bring SPACES to your community! More information here.

A deeply sensitive and humane work that helps us see beyond prejudice, whatever this may be.

Juliette Duret

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Artistic Director: Simón Adinia Hanukai

Assistant to the Director: Marie Schnakenbourg

Storytellers in 2022: Nelly Debert, “MamieDanielle"- Danielle Ludon, Kenza Sallah, Imen El Ferchichi, Sandrine Lonlce, Swen, Gwladys Guillaume, Diangou Traore, Djenawelle Mayimbi, Victor Neyra, Lola Neyra-Saugon, Peggy Erhard, Yahya Al-Abdullah, Hani Alali, Mohamedou Traore, Nicolas Kouame, Raphaëlle Antczak, Kamel Fettar, Mourad Mekhloufi, Chafik Guenounou, Mariama Dieng, Divine Tolufo, Mama Traore, Pierre Flament, Olivier Rosenthal, Mike Barcellino, Samir Adjabi, Zineb Bouakaz, Awatef El Malki, Mounir Melhoul and Basil Bonifon 

Storytellers in 2021: Samir Adjabi, Zineb Bouakaz, Nelly Debert, Françoise Douzenelle, Awatef El Malki, Fatima Guerri, Gladys Guillaume, Imen El Ferchichi, Sandrine Loncle, Danielle Ludon "Mamie Danielle", Djenawelle Mayimbi, Mounir Melhoul, Swen, Victor Neyra, Luc Pinto "dealerde livres", Kenza Sallah and Diangou Traoré

Choreographers: Sandrine RenaRobin and Gabin Nuissier, with Lauren Cox

Dancers: Clarisse Tognella, Fabrice Mahicka, Marguerite Mboulé, Raphaël Mingau (2022), Gabin Nuissier (2021) 

Music Director: Lehna

Music: Lehna (musician, singer), Brahima Diakite (percussion), Mathilde Long (cellist, singer) and Moussa Drame (percussion)

Singers in 2022: Anouk Tricheur, Eugénie Frolet, Faten Asselin-Mezhoud, Julie Vartabedian, Kristel Cosker, Marie-Léa Gatti, Marion Leloutre, Rachel Plat, Sarah Pernon-Garcia and Sophie Grilliat 

Singers in 2021: Sarah Pernon Garcia, Marie Léa Gatti, Jeanne Gatti, Rachel Plat, Kristel Cosker, Marion Leloutre, Faten Asselin-Mezhoud, Valentina Canseco and Laurène Barnel

Video and Lighting: Selma Bourdon (Collectif Ascidiacea)

Lighting in 2021: Nicolas Mimault (Collectif Ascidiacea)

Sound Design in 2022: Emilien Serrault

Technical Director: Flavie Tertrais (2022), Fabien Gougeon (2021)

Stage Manager in 2022: Baptiste Michel

Costume Design in 2021: Lauren Cox and Mélanie Dorey

Press Officer in 2021: Nathalie Gasser

Co-produced by Kaimera and Légendes Urbaines: Simón Adinia Hanukai, Jonathan Camuzeaux, Mélanie Dorey (2022), Manon Marmet (2022), Laure Gayet and Hannah Angely.

The concept for SPACES was created by Jonathan Camuzeaux, Lauren Cox and Simón Adinia Hanukai.

In 2022:

In partnership with the Office du Tourisme de Saint-Denis, Syndicat des commerçants de la Halle du Marché, la Maison de la Jeunesse/Ligne 13, les associations Femmes Franc-Moisin, Franc-Moisin Citoyennes, Mission Local, Dessine-moi Pleyel, Association A93C, Unicité 93, l'Echo des sans mots, Maison Jaune, and Chapiteau Raj'ganawak.

With the support of the City of Saint-Denis (directorate of Culture and directorate of la Vie des Quartiers), Basilica Cathedral of Saint Denis, DRAC Ile-de-France, Centre des monuments nationaux, Périféeries 2028, Institut français, the project In the Banlieues and Fondation Polycarpe. The municipality of Saint-Denis is supported by the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis for SPACES.

In 2021:

Developed as part of the Oakland/Saint-Denis cooperation project of Villa San Francisco in coproduction with the French American Cultural Society, the Institut Français, California Humanities, and in collaboration with Légendes Urbaines, which brought together urban and cultural actors, institutions and academics in the San Francisco Bay Area and Grand Paris.

In partnership with the Culture Department, the District Offices, the Market of the City of Saint-Denis,
 the Basilica of Saint-Denis/Centre des monuments nationaux, 
La ligne 13 - pôle ressource sur le Hip hop, le musée d’art et d’histoire de Saint-Denis, Théâtre Gérard Philipe, 6 b.

With the support of the French Embassy in the U.S.French American Cultural Society, Institut français, Contrat de ville/ANCT, DRAC Ile-de-France, City of Saint-Denis and the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis which supports the City of Saint-Denis for SPACES.

SPACES was a moment outside of time, a rare chance to meet the other, all in intimacy and fragility.

Ariane Raynaud

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