The Spaces in Between


An immersive, multidisciplinary installation that explores forced human displacement and its resonance across generations.

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The Spaces in Between

Immersive multidisciplinary installation

Premiere in 2026

Population movements are a constant in the history of humanity. Today, however, they take on a more political dimension than ever. By highlighting the stories and voices of those who were forced to leave their home, or whose ancestors had to migrate, The Spaces in Between adopts a human-scale approach, offering a perspective rooted in lived experience.

The Spaces in Between is an immersive installation that blends visual arts, new technologies, sound installations, dramaturgy and the ancient art of storytelling. 

The Spaces in Between is inspired by Kaimera’s SPACES project, which has already been created and presented in Harlem (USA) in 2016, Oakland (USA) in 2021, and Saint-Denis (France) in 2021 and 2022. In The Spaces in Between, we will continue to work with non-professional storytellers, and in particular with people we have already identified during our previous SPACES engagements in Saint-Denis, Calais, Oakland, and in the other communities we have worked with. These storytellers, from incredibly diverse backgrounds, have shared their personal stories with us, and sometimes with the audience. The Spaces in Between is rooted in and inspired by these stories.

Storytelling Workshops 

As is usually the case with our work, interactive workshops are at the heart of The Spaces in Between's creative process. Following the format that our team developed for the SPACES project, these workshops are always organized in partnership with organizations that are rooted in local communities and already have established relationships with individuals who have experienced displacement. The varied format of these intergenerational workshops (indoor vs outdoor, group vs individual) is decided through discussion with the local partners. The Kaimera artistic team, with its 20-years of teaching and facilitation experience, works to adapt the workshops to the needs of the participants.

Are you a non-profit organization working in the social field and interested in organizing storytelling workshops for your community? We'd love to hear from you!
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Artistic Direction: Simón Adinia Hanukai & Jonathan Camuzeaux 

Creative Coders: Antoine “Blindsp0t” Vanel & André Berlemont

Assistant Director: Safia Benyahia

Kaimera Creative Producers: Valentin Leveau & Hannah Angely

The Spaces in Between is supported by the Polycarpe Foundation, DRAC Ile-de-France, CGET (Contrat de Ville) and the City of Saint-Denis.

The project is hosted in residence by ARTogether (USA), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark).

More information on the project is available in french and english.

Are you a theater, exhibition space or other venue interested in hosting a residency and/or presenting the installation? Contact us to join The Spaces in Between project!
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