Nous reviendrons au printemps


An interdisciplinary piece delving into Chekhov’s iconic The Cherry Orchard through theater, movement, music, and audience immersion.


September 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16, 2023 at 9pm

September 10, 16 and 17, 2023 at 4:30pm

September 15, 2023 at 2:30pm

Théâtre de l'Épée de Bois, Cartoucherie, Paris

Due to incredibly high demand, we are adding one extra public performance on Friday September 15, at 2:30pm. Get your tickets soon!

Duration: 2h

The show is recommended for ages 10+

Join us if you are in the area and spread the word!

Audiences are invited to join the family in welcoming home their beloved matriarch. As the revelries turn sour, and the imminent loss of the estate looms near, the festivities are cut short and the world of the play cracks open, luring the audience in the secrets hidden in the estate's corners and into the subconscious world of Chekhov’s characters.

Nous reviendrons au printemps is an opportunity to see past the seemingly flawless beauty of the cherry blossoms, dig into the soil, and expose what is poisoning the orchard at its roots. Preserving the essence of the themes that Chekhov raised at a moment of colossal change, it transports the narrative to the 21st century European context by asking: Who can call this Cherry Orchard home?

After residencies and work-in-progress presentations in Paris and Picardie over the last three years, we are excited to be gearing up for the premiere of Nous reviendrons au printemps in 2023.

Currently looking for bookings starting from the 2023-2024 season.

Project dossier can be found here (in french).

Contact Production - Diffusion: Valentin Leveau at or (+33)


The project held its avant-premiere in October 2022 at the Pavillon Rive Gauche in Paris.

Excerpts of Nous reviendrons au printemps were presented at the Hôtel de Sully in September 2019, as part of the festival Les Traversées du Marais, with the support of the Centre des monuments nationaux (National Monuments Center).

Filming and video editing by Philippe Katan.

The work's first developmental residency took place in November 2018 at the Château de Belloy-Saint-Léonard in Picardie, France.

Filming and video editing by Philippe Katan.

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Created and adapted by Simón Adinia Hanukai with the ensemble

Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai

Assistant Direction by Mélanie Dorey

Translated by Ariane Raynaud

Dramaturgy and writing support by Anita Kirpalani​

Music Direction by Alexis Pivot

Costumes and sets by Tulio Morais

Project Support by Safia Benyahia

Lighting by François Luberne

Stage Management by William Chevalier, Sarah Gachet

The ensemble: Nicolas Giret-Famin, Pamina de Hauteclocque, Eva Carmen Jarriau, Stephanie Lanier, June McGrane, Sophie Richelieu, Mahmoud Saïd, Guillaume Tagnati, Nicolas Verdier

The presentation at Les Traversées du Marais 2019 featured: Mathilde Ahmed, Sarah Bertholon, Marie Bétrisey, Aline Boucraut, Anne-Jacqueline Bousch, Claire Butard, Eliza Calmat, Stephanie Campion, Nicolas Coquentin, Hannah Coyle, Louise Denyer, Rébecca Dereims, Alessandra Domenici, Christelle Garcia Moya, Candice Gatticchi, Marie-Laure Girard, Louise Herrero, Tiffany Hofstetter, Beth Jervis, Odile Lavie, Delphine Lefranc, Laura Mariani, Kate McCarthy, Juliette Mézergues, Audrey Mikondo, Julia Osete, Sandra Parra, Fanny Pascaud, Mélanie Peyre, Andres Peyrot, Sandra Piquemal, Pauline Rémond, Diane Renier, Élise Rochet, Perrine Rostand, Estelle Rotier, Ugo Savary, Marie Schnakenbourg, Alice Suquet, Catherine Toffaletti, Corinne Valancogne, Marie Valentin, Elizabeth Wautlet. Stage Management by Jeremy Coffman

A project of Kaimera in association with Mipana Company.

Developed in partnership with the Château de Belloy-Saint-Leonard in Picardie with the support of the Polycarpe Foundation and Spedidam.

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