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We believe that:

  • The arts are a powerful tool that have the ability to provoke meaningful and durable cultural shifts;

  • Developing work collaboratively and across disciplines is important in order to tackle the rapid changes our world is undergoing;

  • Diversity is indispensable, whether of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, training, socio-economic background and beyond;

  • Our responsibility as artists lies in inspiring the audience to ask their own questions, rather than providing answers;

  • Exploring a heavy topic is not always best served by a heavy piece: humor is powerful!



As 21st century citizens, we are asked to seamlessly flow between worlds that are real and virtual, contemporary and ancient, local and global. Kaimera tackles question that are integral  to our contemporary experience. They may pertain to such complex fields as ethics, justice, policy, physics or philosophy. Or they may deal with the essential mysteries of the human adventure: love, mortality and our insatiable desire for chocolate cake. These questions may affect us as individuals or as a society. What they have in common is that answers to them often feel out of reach.


Kaimera’s work doesn’t attempt to provide answers, but instead aims to inspire the audience to take ownership of these questions, redefine them, and approach them from a new perspective.



The more complex the problems our global society faces, the greater the need to collaborate. The last few decades have seen experts from an increasing variety of backgrounds collaborate to address the world’s most pressing issues, from climate change to public health, from global poverty to education access. We are convinced that artists as well need to reach beyond the arts in order to create work that is both relevant and credible to the larger conversation. Kaimera was born out of this belief.


We have had the opportunity to work with environmental, social and medical scientists, economists, physicists, psychologists and policy-makers on over a dozen interdisciplinary performances and performance-events. We believe that this collaborative approach fuels new ideas and new perspectives for artists and scientists alike, and more often than not, redefines the way they engage with their own work.


In reaching beyond the arts, Kaimera contributes to a movement that prioritizes cross-disciplinary collaboration, striving to build upon this legacy by establishing coalitions of like-minded organizations, and advocating for cross-discipline work to become the norm, rather than the exception.

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