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Learn more about Kaimera's upcoming work by clicking on the titles below.

We Will Return in the Spring delves into Chekhov’s iconic work The Cherry Orchard through an interdisciplinary approach that blends theater, movement, music, installation, and particularly, audience immersion. Audiences are invited to join the family in welcoming home their beloved matriarch. As the revelries turn sour, and the imminent loss of the estate looms near, the world of the play cracks open, luring the audience into the subconscious world of Chekhov’s characters. We Will Return in the Spring is an opportunity to see past the seemingly flawless beauty of the cherry blossoms, dig into the soil, and expose what is poisoning the orchard at its roots. 

DATAPRINT is an installation-type performance that blends theater, music, dance, and multimedia, and invites audiences to examine the impact of their online fingerprint, as well as question the ethics of data privacy. Data technology is developing at a skyrocketing rate, but policy and ethics conversations are struggling to catch up. DATAPRINT aims to spark dialogue about data privacy, about the ways in which our online behavior defines who we are, and about the implications of the increasingly data-driven world on society and on democracy.

The Living Altar Project is a multi-disciplinary performance piece honoring the lives of individuals killed in conflict, whether military or civilian, and regardless of origin, gender, religion, status, or profession. Through a series of successive 30-minute performance pieces called “Living Altars”, casualties are given a name, a face, a story, and equal value. Living Altars will be based on information gathered through surveys completed by those close to the deceased. The Living Altar Project asks the difficult question: what is a life worth?

SPACES is an immersive experience that merges contemporary performance with the ancient art of storytelling. SPACES goes beyond site-specific, it is place-specific: each SPACES piece is built around the site of its performance, but above all, it is created and performed with the local community that gives this place its life and identity.

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