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Château de Belloy Saint-Léonard, France | July 23 - August 1


In  2021, 18 multidisciplinary artists from 9 countries across 3 continents gathered to learn, share and create together at the inaugural Kaimera Lab. The Lab  took place at the Château de Belloy Saint-Léonard in the serene nature of Picardie in the North of France, culminating with a final performance for residents of the villages surrounding the Château.

"A beautifully healing and restorative experience that reminded me of the joy in creating in real time with other multifaceted human beings."


Scout Davis, Maker/Facilitator of New Performance Works, USA

The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021
The Kaimera Lab 2021

"Kaimera Lab was a life changing experience immersed in magic in the pure sense of the word. It was an immersion into the beautiful galaxy of outstanding artistic, professional, and human standards that make you want to fly, shine, believe, and endlessly create uniting individuals and communities all over the globe."


Masha Kapustina


Training cost: €1700

Food and accommodation: €250-600 (based on the chosen accommodation type, first come first served)

Funding Support: Participants from France could receive support from Afdas or Pôle emploi.

Scholarships: Kaimera strives to be as inclusive as possible. For participants not receiving any external financial assistance, as well as for those traveling from afar, scholarships were offered on a case-by-case basis.


Transportation: Participants were responsible for their own transportation to the Château, which is approximately 2 hours from Paris. Our team could provide advice on transportation options, as well as arrange pick-up from the Amiens, Abbeville or Longpré-les-Corps-Saints train stations at an additional fee. 

Covid-19 Impact and Cancellation Policy

As we observed and assessed the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on our work, we were committed to making decisions which prioritized the safety of all those who participated in our activities. Had the training been cancelled due to safety concerns, payment(s) would be refunded in full. If a participation was cancelled due to Covid-related health reasons,  payment(s) would be refunded in full upon submission of a medical certificate, excluding non-recoverable costs (e.g. bank charges). If participations were cancelled for any other reason, the deposit payment was non-refundable and all other payment(s) would be refunded, excluding non-recoverable costs.

The project was presented in collaboration with Libre Acteur. 

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