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NYC - Invite-Only Workshop February 2016






A bomb scare at the airport proves to be only a symptom of the everyday acts of terrorism that we perform on each other. World renowned for their absurdist sensibility and dark humor, the Siberian sibling duo Oleg and Vladimir Presnyakov have created, in Terrorism, a modern classic that feels more timely with each new election cycle and (inter)national crisis.


Appearing in New York for the first time in over a decade, Terrorism asks: How does violence manifest itself in our daily lives? What are the causes of this disease and is there a cure?



Terrorism is currently in development and will have invite-only showings in 2016 and 2017, with plans for a premiere in 2017. Contact Kaimera Productions if you would like more information or wish to attend the work-in-progress showings. 



Written by Oleg and Vladimir Presnyakov

Translated by Sasha Dugdale

Directed by Simón Adinia Hanukai

Dramaturgy by Maksim Hanukai

Music by Helen Yee

Design by Anshu Bhatia & David Bengali

Stage Management by Keith Paul Medelis

Kaimera Productions Team: Meghan Long, Pearl Hodiwala, Sonia Luz, Jonathan Camuzeaux & Simón Adinia Hanukai

Performed by Ava Eisenson*, Biniam Tekola, Kathleen Marshall*, Matt Hurley*, Nuah Ozryel, Sonia Luz, Sonia Villani 


* Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity


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