Sarah Young

Sarah Young


Sarah is a student, educator, and theatre-maker originally from San Francisco, California. She is fascinated by the power of theatre and performance arts to touch an audience, strengthen communities, and spark conversations about our world’s most pressing social questions.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies and French from Yale University in 2020, Sarah relocated to Paris to teach English in public elementary and preschools. In 2022, she started a Master’s degree in Théâtres, Performances, et Sociétés at Université Paris 8, where she is conducting her research on the potential of socially engaged immersive theatre to spark ongoing reflection, dialogue and action in its audiences, even after they leave the bounds of the performance.

As both a researcher and an artist, she is thrilled to have the opportunity to observe and support Kaimera’s exceptional work in immersive performance this semester.

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