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Kaimera is pronounced kai-mee-rah and is inspired by the word “chimaera,” which represents, according to Greek mythology, a hybrid creature composed of the parts of more than one animal. Nowadays, the term “chimaera” has come to describe both anything that is composed of different parts and anything that is perceived as being wildly imaginative, dazzling or out of reach. In genetics, a chimaera is a single organism composed of genetically distinct cells. Medical and biological researchers often use chimaeras to study organisms and get a new perspective on the way they function.


Kaimera symbolizes our commitment to looking at issues through the lens of a variety of fields of study, in order to create work that both fascinates and provides new perspective.


Why the strange spelling, you ask? First, because we like the way it looks. But mostly because the word “Kai” has a number of interesting meanings we are drawn to. In Chinese it means “open” and in Greek, it means “and”, relating to our commitment to collaboration. In Urdu, it means “universe"; and in Basque, Kai is a common word meaning “pier of a harbor”, both pointing at our international interests. Finally, Kai represents our commitment to engaging and involving our audiences through its Wolof meaning “come” and Tagalog meaning "friend." Find more fun meanings of Kai here.


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