Position: Technical Director / AV Engineer

Pay: $3,000 part time contract

Start Date: Immediate

Time Commitment:

  • Schedule is flexible and TBD with the Kaimera team

  • Work-in-progress presentations on August 21 and 22, 6-9pm

  • Must be present or on-call for the final performance all day on September 23

  • Strike of project on September 24/25

Location: Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, Ca


Art In Transit Festival, in collaboration with Kaimera Productions, is looking for a Technical Director for their upcoming event to take place at the Montalvo Arts Center’s Project Gallery Space on September 23rd, 2018.


The festival is presenting Kaimera's DATAPRINT is an immersive and interactive multimedia installation that invites audiences to examine the impact of their online fingerprint, as well as question the ethics of data privacy.


Overall the primary tasks will be related to the planning and execution of an installation involving media servers, projectors, screens, cameras, sensors, sound system and lighting equipment.


Responsibilities include:


Coordinating / executing the pre-event construction / fabrication of any needed elements, such as custom screens, supports, or scenic elements, assisting in finding crew or shop space as necessary (note - this should happen early enough for the final test run of DATAPRINT at Montalvo on August 21st and 22nd to happen appropriately).


Devising, coordinating parts procurement for, and executing a rigging plan to install all fabricated and / or existing installation elements physically to meet the design intentions, directing crew persons as necessary to assist in the work.


Determining sources of power and working with Montalvo staff to manage power runs to all devices.


Working with the designers and rental shop / equipment source to determine the fine details of playback computer specs, networking, signal distribution, power distribution, etc, and working with the rental shop or equipment source to ensure all needed components, adaptors, cables, etc, including appropriate spares are added to the equipment package and delivered to the site.


Visiting the rental shop or equipment source as needed to prepare any system elements (set addresses on devices, check out signal connections, configure matrices, build racks, etc), coordinating with rental shop staff as needed.


Working with event crew to execute all signal and network runs and interfacing on site, troubleshooting where necessary, to ensure a complete and working system.


Ensuring all elements of the installation are executed in a manner that guarantees audience safety.


Managing and executing the strike of the project, with appropriate support crew, as well as managing pickup by the rental shop, at the end of the event on September 24th/25th.


Find and manage support crew as needed for any phase of the process.


Some of the abovementioned responsibilities can be delegated to hired support staff, but need to be supervised by the Technical Director / AV Engineer

Interested candidates contact info@kaimeraproductions.com with a resume.


Learn more about Kaimera Productions at www.kaimeraproductions.com

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