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Kaimera’s holistic approach to its work is aimed at creating spaces where people can gather in dialogue and engage with the topics at hand, every step of the way.


Collaboratory - From the inception of a piece, we bring together a wide range of collaborators and advisors with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to help steer the project. We call these individuals experts. An expert does not need to hold an advanced degree, they are someone who deeply understands the topic at hand. They may be a software engineer who specializes in data privacy, a psychologist whose work focuses on trauma, or a local resident who has a deep knowledge of the history and culture of their community.

Interdisciplinary - Our work is interdisciplinary to reflect the multifaceted reality of 21st century society: we create original performances and live experiences that blend theater, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts, technology, and more. This approach lets our audiences engage with the work using multiple senses, while giving them several points of entry into the piece. 


Accessible and participatory - We choose unconventional settings for our performances, such as abandoned locations, historical monuments, and public spaces. We do so for two reasons: first, it allows for greater, more diverse audiences, especially those who may not feel that traditional arts spaces are accessible to them; second, these spaces don’t come with pre-existing rules for engagement and behavior, thus opening up infinite possibilities for participation. 


Interactive and immersive - We have over a decade of experience developing forms of audience interaction and immersion, all aimed to push for engagement and participation. We believe immersion is a spectrum and shouldn’t be forced: it’s about giving opportunities for audiences to engage as much as they’re ready to. 


Read about Kaimera's values here.




With over 20 years of experience in education, our team develops educational opportunities that allow for a deep dive into the central themes of our projects and the tools we use to create our work. These training sessions are catered to the participants, whether they are professionals in the field, students, or general audiences. Learn more by visiting our education page here.




Kaimera’s team hails from, and has worked, all over the globe. We aim to have an international reach while maintaining strong roots in local communities. To do so, Kaimera is currently based in two continents, with headquarters in New York and Paris, and is developing projects in six different countries on four different continents.


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We are continuously looking for partnerships with organizations all over the world, please be in touch!

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