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The Golden Drum Year is a multi-disciplinary performance piece (text, video, music and dance) that provokes close examination of daily life in a large, chaotic urban city through the multivalent perspectives of its inhabitants who cross culture, class, age, citizenship status, jobs etc. Told through a unique blend of poetry, dialogue, and monologues, the story follows Eugene, a young man new to The City, as he navigates his first year living in New York and the people he encounters as he works at a supermarket.

In a larger sense, the show highlights how the accumulation of simple daily choices and routines shape a day, week, year – peoples lives and the life of their city. This play asks the question: what is the value of one year in a life? Our proposal is that the meaning is in the details - in the simple yet complex truth that the value of life is inherent in everyday living.

Text: Beto O'Byrne
Developed with: Meropi Peponides
Director: Simón Adinia Hanukai
Set and Costume Design: Dede M. Ayite
Projection Design: David Bengali
Original Music and Sound Design: Jonathan Camuzeaux
Lighting Design: Yuki Nakase
Choreography: Lisa Nevada
Props: Jess Adams

Co-PoducersMeropi Peponides and Ying Le
Assistant Producer: Sizo Kunene
Production Manager/Technical Director: Liz Nielsen
Stage Manager: Taylor Wilkerson


University Settlement, NYC - September 26-October 10, 2015

Created collaboratively by Radical Evolution and Simón Adinia Hanukai



Featuring: Andrew Belcher, Jonathan Camuzeaux, Fernando Gonzalez, Zuleyma Guevara*, Tia James*, Sonia Villani, Allan K. Washington*


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*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

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