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France, India & USA

The brain excels at pattern recognition, a skill that has enabled our species to protect itself, evolve, and thrive. We sift through large amounts of information in an instant to come to decisions about how to act, whether it is to save our life, or save a dollar on our next purchase.

In recent decades, with the advent of increasingly sophisticated computing technology, we have started to rely more and more on personal devices to help us make these decisions. Every day, with each click, tap, or swipe, we trade data for efficiency and convenience.

DATAPRINT is a series of projects that blend theater, music, dance, and multimedia, inviting audiences to examine the impact of their online fingerprint, as well as question the ethics of data privacy.


Data technology is developing at a skyrocketing rate, but policy and ethics conversations are struggling to catch up. DATAPRINT aims to spark dialogue about data privacy, about the ways in which our online behavior defines who we are, and about the implications of an increasingly data-driven world on society and on democracy.

The second initiative of DATAPRINT is an intimate experience, part-performance and part-real life game, in which audiences are invited to immerse themselves in a fictional futuristic world where data is the rule of law. The project is being developed in Nantes, France, in Bangalore, India, in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, and virtually.

DATAPRINT is developed as part of the CHIMÈRES residency program of artistic research and production, initiated by the French Ministry of Culture and administered by le lieu unique (LU), Nantes’ state-funded theatre, and Théâtre Nouvelle Génération (TNG), Centre dramatique national de Lyon. 

Explore our page of resources about data privacy.

For other projects in the DATAPRINT series, please see our past work.

For more information on DATAPRINT, download the PDF below.


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