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Creating Live Experiences Based on Your Work

"With very little information, the Kaimera Productions team understood quickly what type of performance we were looking for. They were full of creativity, open and flexible, and clear communicators. The final result by far exceeded my expectations!"


- Francesca Pick,

OuiShare Fest Chair


Experiential Marketing: Create an Emotional Bond with Your Clients

There is no better way to market a product than to integrate it into a compelling story. Kaimera Productions does just that: through immersive performance “experiences” constructed specifically around your product, we create stories that move and inspire your target audience. We work with your product team to bring your brand strategy to life by translating effective marketing activations into dance, music, theater and multimedia arts. By immersing your target audience in the performance, we aim to create an emotional relationship between them and your product, providing an exciting new way for your work to be remembered.


Your Work Center Stage: Bring Your Company Values and Mission to Life

We reimagine your organization’s stories through dance, music, theater and multimedia performance, thus helping you and your staff reconnect with your mission and work while having a good time! After immersing ourselves in your organization’s work and culture through in-depth conversations with your staff, we at Kaimera Productions create an original performance inspired by who you are and what you do that reinvigorates and excites the audience, be it your staff, clients, or guests. A perfect treat for your organizational retreats, celebrations, or external events, “Your Work Center Stage” can also be performed at your office any day of the week!


"The immersive performances were spine-tingling, so powerful & provided a wonderful glimpse into the future - a real highlight of the festival for me!"


- Louise Armstrong,

Principal Sustainable Advisor,

Forum for the Future


Contact us for more information and to set up an initial meeting!


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