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Horace Mann Theater, NYC - March 7-10, 2012

Co-Created by Simòn Adinia Hanukai & Naïma Kristel Philips with the ensemble


An interactive, multi-media performance in which the audience accompanies four characters on their personal journeys as their birthday worlds collapse and unveil their mythological DNA. Four plays weave in and out of each other like DNA strands as audience members glimpse into the shattered pieces of the characters' lives.


From the audience's movement through the space, to the textures of the scenery, to the intimacy of the rooms they visit, to their interactions with performers and fellow participants, Birthday Triage provides a unique sensory experience. The audience eats and drinks, smells rosewood or mint. They dip their hands in water; they dip fruit in a chocolate fountain. They share stories and build altars. Perhaps most importantly, they engage with their surroundings and share with each other in events that unfold into our vision for a larger community.


Birthday Triage thrives to create a new mythology - borrowed from age-old myths and folklore and informed by the science of today. A mythology that helps us decode the language of our subconscious, address our fears and desires and confronts us with the harsh realities of our human nature. From natural disasters, to wars and revolutions, to economic failures, the world has seen so much conflict and devastation in the last century. The ripples of this shattering reverberate throughout our communities, and yet we are numb to the crises around us. We live in a world of the "me". We have become so good at convincing ourselves that the suffering of others does not regard us, that some of us don't even feel it when it is within us. Birthday Triage attempts to break this pattern.

Director: Simón Adinia Hanukai
Playwright: Naïma Kristel Phillips
Choreographer: Carlos A. Cruz Velázquez

Original Music: Shawn Broukhim, Jonathan Camuzeaux & Maja Cerar
Aerial Choreographer: Cody Schreger
Scenic Designer: Jason Ardizzone-West
Costume Designer: Beth Goldenberg
Lighting Designer: David Bengali
Sound Designer: Toby Jaguar Algya
Video Designer: Jane Hsu
Dramaturgs: Ellen Joffred & Meropi Peponides
Property Master: Gina Costagliola
Production Stage Manager: Alejandra Duque
Stage Manager: Jing Lu
Assistant Director: Alexandra Clayton
Assistant Set Designer: Marie Audrey Desy
Space Decoration: Tatiana Rivera
Assistant Lighting Designer: Abby Hoke-Brady
Assistant Stage Managers: Alexandra Hall and Danielle Thompsen*
General Manager: Christina Macchiarola

Simon Adinia Hanukai_Carol Rosegg2
Simon Photo 4_Jane V Hsu
Simon Photo 3_Jane V Hsu
Simon Photo 2_Jane V Hsu
Simon Photo 1_Jane V Hsu
Simon Adinia Hanukai_Carol Rosegg
BirthdayTriage242 - S
BirthdayTriage Cover
Birthday Triage 2_Carol Rosegg3

Janice Amano, Kilusan Bautista, Shawn Broukhim (Musician), Jonathan Camuzeaux (Musician), Maja Cerar (Musician), Donovan Christie, Issac Cruz, Sasha Alexandra Dobos-Czarnecha (Dancer), Ava Eisenson*, Gabrielle Etzel, David Gautschy, Sara Gonzalo, Kate Gunther, Jen Kosky (Dancer), Nick Lamedica*, Rachel Lin, Allyson Lynch (Dancer), Devin Moriarity, Maria Portman Kelly*, Jodi Lynne Savitz, Marine Sialelli (Dancer), Samantha Slater, Nate Speare, Jen Taher*, Biniam Tekola, Sharon Wajswol, Crista Wroblewski

* Appear courtesy of Actor's Equity Association


Members of the Original Ensemble:

Dahlia Azama, David Bengali (Lighting Designer) Shawn Broukhim (Musician), Jonathan Camuzeaux (Musician), Maja Cerar (Musician), Donovan W. Christie, Sara Gozalo, Dafna Gravinsky, Simón Adinia Hanukai (director), Jane V. Hsu (video designer), Ellen Joffred (dramaturg), Celiné Justice, Ryan Kim*, Nick LaMedica, Rachel Lin, Naïma Kristel Phillips (playwright), Marine Sialelli, Jen Taher*, Christa Wroblewski


The devising process was carried out with the abovementioned original ensemble members.

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