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Journalist & Non-Profit Specialist



A multi-hat professional working at the crossroads between cultural and media content creation and strategy with a social innovation twist, Anita Kirpalani thrives in fast-paced and multicultural environments. Quadrilingual with a strong international background she likes to lead projects, enable new ideas, and work with other people to develop new ventures nationally or internationally.


She started her career as a journalist in the United States for Youphil and Newsweek, amongst others, and worked as a producer for award-winning filmmaker Anne Aghion. After spending 5 years in the US and Rio de Janeiro, she moved back to France to become the Project manager of "Sarajevo heart of Europe" at the Mission du Centenaire, a large-scale European multi-disciplinary festival that took place in Sarajevo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I in 2014.


She is currently the Director of Development and Partnership for Passeport Avenir, a French organization that aims to diversify French leadership by implementing public-private partnerships. Half-Indian, half-French, Anita holds an M.I.A from Columbia University and an M.A. from Sciences Po Paris.

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