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Learn more about projects that the core team members of Kaimera have recently led or been involved in by clicking on the titles below. Though created prior to the birth of Kaimera and in collaboration with other artists and performance companies, these projects highlight the process, vision and aesthetics that are central to Kaimera's vision.


Created by Simòn Adinia Hanukai & Brandon Hogstad

Winkel & Balktick Laboratory, NYC - September 1, 2012


Summer, 1967: Doctors around the world rush to complete the first successful heart transplant. An ambitious surgeon gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a pair of lovers, unable to live without one another, asks him to perform the impossible. In front of a select audience of observing "scientists," the doctor races against time to keep their love alive, while a chorus of otherworldly singing nurses keep our own hearts pounding as we ask ourselves what we would sacrifice for love.


Created by Simòn Adinia HanukaiNaïma Kristel Philips

Horace Mann Theater - March 7-10, 2012


An interactive, multi-media performance in which the audience accompanies four characters on their personal journeys as their birthday worlds collapse and unveil their mythological DNA. Four plays weave in and out of each other like DNA strands as audience members glimpse into the shattered pieces of the characters' lives.


Created by Jonathan Camuzeaux & Andrew Belcher with Massbliss

SeeMee Exhibition Space, NYC - December 2014-January 2015


Stack of Fives is a collaborative photographic exploration of story-telling, through which artists are prompted to push the boundaries of their creative process. The result is a collection of large-scale photographs, each telling stories in unique and unexpected ways. Within the confines of the photography medium, Stack of Fives uses elements of staging and performance, of set design and storyboarding to explore how artists from different fields, with varied background and training, approach expressing themselves within an imposed and unfamiliar medium.


Created by Simón Adinia Hanukai, Natalie Gershtein, Anita Kirpalani & Saviana Stanescu

Flamboyán Theater, NYC - November 16-22, 2014


Through word, movement and video, the piece weaves together three interdependent narratives: a young Romanian man and his newborn daughter on a 25-year journey into the once forbidden West after the bloody regime of Nicolae Ceauescu is swept away with the fall of the Iron Curtain; a pair of construction workers dispatched to slice up the world with a multitude of new walls; and fantastical administrators, the masterminds behind this caustic quest of brick and mortar.


Created by Christina Quintana, Founder and Artistic Director

Several locations - Ongoing


The Live Lunch Series caters unique theatrical performance to workplaces during the lunch hour. Through plays devised specifically for individual organizations, Live Lunch aims to engage working communities and expose people to the possibilities of theater. Learn more about The Live Lunch Series here.

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