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Winkel & Balktick - September 1, 2012

Co-Created by Simòn Adinia Hanukai & Brandon Hogstad

Summer, 1967: Doctors around the world rush to complete the first successful heart transplant. An ambitious surgeon gets the opportunity of a lifetime when a pair of lovers, unable to live without one another, asks him to perform the impossible. In front of a select audience of observing "scientists," the doctor races against time to keep their love alive, while a chorus of otherworldly singing nurses keep our own hearts pounding as we ask ourselves what we would sacrifice for love.

Director: Simón Adinia Hanukai
Musical Director: Jonathan Camuzeaux
Musical Arrangements: Jonathan Camuzeaux & Brandon Hogstad
Vocal Arrangements: Anne Beggs with the ensemble
Choreography: Simón Adinia Hanukai & Denise Miller & Tucker Davis
Scenic Designer: Marie-Audrey Désy
Costume Designer: Cristina Corso
Costume Assistance: Ana Marie Salamat & Elaine Lim
Stage Managers: Jen Armas, Kate Croasdale &Hannah Wolf
Scientific Advisor: Brandon Hogstad



Chorus of Singing Nurses: Anne Beggs, Emily Brown, Eloïse Eonnet, Gillian Harwin, Lauren Hayes, Olivia Stoker

Doctor: Jeremy Pickard
Doctor's Assistant: Sonia Villani
Patients: Donovan Christie & Wei Yi Lin

Souls Dance Duet: Tucker Davis & Denise Miller

Musicians: Jonathan Camuzeaux (Electric Bass, Sazouki, Percussions and Clarinet) & Gillian Harwin (Upright Bass and Musical Saw)


Crew: Kilusan Bautista and Jonathan Hogstad

Video & Photo Documentation: Talya Chalef

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